Considering travel (2009-08-19/10-17)

Ryan and Buddha at Ayutthaya Historical Park
Ryan has traveled with me to 10 countries in 6 years (Canada, Mexico, France, England, Germany, China, New Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand, and Japan), and has blogged about Paris. As I have traveled alone for work recently, Ryan has written a series of guest blog posts on items to consider before traveling.

Travel Considerations Provided by the Following...
by Ryan
Guest Posts

William has been traveling a lot lately, first for fun, now for work. With little notice, he flies off to Sacramento, CA, USA, or Chihuahua, CH, Mexico. He hopes one day to be sent on assignments in South America--Argentina or Chile--or Europe--especially Spain or Italy, both of which we missed when we were in Paris, France, for ten weeks in the Fall of 2006.
Because of this, we've come up with a kind of regimen for travel. He hates packing, so I often help him, or he waits till the day of to do it. We try to set things in order so that I'll at least have an idea of how things should look when he gets back. Though he drags his feet sometimes, the one thing he doesn't procrastinate about is investigating his destination.
It behooves the healthy world-traveler like William to sit down for a little pre-travel planning. It's one thing to bum around the US--where the laws are familiar and people speak English. Not so abroad, even as close as Mexico. Many people assume that, if American tourists are mucking about, the place must be safe. But you might want exercise a little more precaution...

These guest blogposts will address three areas of particular import for the new and seasoned frequent-flyer--tips to lubricate the often sticky wheels that get you to and from your destination safely. They concern the following: first and foremost, the place you'll be spending all your time at; your health; and finally, as a less than obvious extension of the former, travel insurance--which will preserve your well being as well as your wallet. Finally, I'll give an example of when all three concerns came into play: my and William's trip around China in the Spring of 2008.


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What a great idea and a definite resource for the future. Thanks, gentlemen!

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