Looking in the sidewalk fountain in St-Germain-des-Prés (2006-10-05)

An "exploding sidewalk" fountain is near the building in which Ryan has classes.

Touring L'Opera (2006-10-04)

Touring the Musée du Louvre for free (2006-10-01)

Many people leave the Musée du Louvre at the end of the free day (the first Sunday of the month). This time we saw multiple sphinx, a statue of the god Horus, and many other Egyptian antiquities.

Ascending the Tour Eiffel (2006-09-30)

Ryan and William (and Our Founder) visited the Tour Eiffel, visible from the Parc du Champ de Mars.

In the salon at chez M. Berger (2006-09-29)

We relaxed in the salon of Madame Berger's apartment, seen above from the kitchen. To the left is the room of other boarders Jason and Tom--from Australia. A hallway from the kitchen connects three rooms, a toilet, and a bath. Madame Berger is in one of those rooms, with the only television. Another boarder, Tetsuya--from Japan--is in another. Ryan and I are in the third, on a bunk bed. There's another toilet and bath off the kitchen. Madame Berger provides all of us (and her boyfriend Jean Claude) breakfast, and cooks dinner, each day. The apartment is half a block from Moulin Rouge.

Resting in the Jardin du Luxemborg (2006-09-27)

Our first resting place in Paris was the Jardin du Luxemborg. We lay on the grass (in the approved location) and looked up at the trees.

Visiting Feistel (2006-09-26)

We first started using my new digital camera (a Canon PowerShot SD600 Digital ELPH) on our last visit to Feistel, our cat. Feistel appeared at home at house of dear friends, where he will stay for two months while we are in Europe.