At SIFF Member Box Office (2006-05-13)

We exchanged our Early Bird vouchers (a Special Holiday Gift Pack, a Film Buff 20-Pack, two Secret Festival Memberships, and a Gala Pass) and some additional money for 13 vouchers and the following screenings:
What else shall I see? Ryan suggested the following films (roughly in order of decreasing preference):
There isn't time for all of these, of course. Separately, I considered the following films (roughly in order of decreasing preference):
How shall we use the remaining 13 vouchers? Please post a comment with the films you're considering!


Buying Air Canada Tickets (2006-05-05)

Ryan and I bought September 27 and December 4 tickets to and from Paris at STA Travel. We arranged to stay October and November with a Paris host family through France Accommodations & Culture. During these months Ryan will study in the University of Washington Department of Comparative Literature Fall Quarter in Paris and I'll work remotely. We hope to travel Europe on long weekends. We think it is a great opportunity, and we're excited!

At SIFF Annual Members Preview (2006-05-11)

The Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) Annual Members Preview was last night at the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI). We saw previews for 10 of this year's 418 films (from 62 countries), and heard about dozens more from SIFF staff. The following films looked or sounded interesting [links added 2006-05-29]:
In addition, I'm eager for the following special events and galas:
  • Opening Night Gala featuring The Illusionist
  • Saturday Galas: Prarie Home Companion, Factotum, Perhaps Love, Strangers with Candy
  • Gay-la featuring Boy Culture
  • Closing Night Gala featuring Science of Sleep
For those that have had time to decide on films, the box offices open their doors to members today.