Imagining travel writing (2008-08-02)

Inside Cathedral in Germany
Although it is probably more efficient to make needed money with another interest and take time to travel, I sometimes wonder what life would be like as a freelance travel writer and photographer. It's fun to imagine other lives.

I would continue my quest to visit every continent (except Antarctica), and then visit various regions within each continent. Without worrying about other income, I would also travel more slowly, writing each day--rather than recording only a small portion of the trip afterwards (like China, Paris, Hawai`i, east Africa, or the perimeter of the USA) or not at all (like Germany, Los Cabos, Banff National Park, or Honduras). That way I would finish my recollections before my next trip began! (For example, I don't remember which cathedral in Germany I was in when I took this natural light photograph.)

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Hiking Boulder River (2008-07-26)

Boulder River Falls (Upper Part)
For me, July 2008 has included three short hikes a short drive from Seattle:
A couple of these let me spend part of a day in the forest--one of my goals for this year. Only on the most recent hike did I remember my camera. I'm enjoying the exercise.