Christchurch (2009-05-18)

Tree Near Water Fountain at Christchurch Botanical GardensAfter a day of mostly sitting in airports and airplanes, I was anxious to walk, especially since that is one this trip's priorities. Ryan and I roughly followed, in reverse, the walking tour of Christchurch from Insight Guides New Zealand Step by Step, taking extra time in the Christchurch Botanic Gardens. The garden and surrounding area feel like part of an English city.


New Zealand (2009-05-18)

New Zealand Passport StampAfter a full day of traveling we find ourselves visitors somewhere new. The day was a 2:37 flight to Los Angeles, 5:13 in LAX, a 12:45 flight to Aukland, 2:45 in Aukland going through biosecurity and customs, and a 1:20 flight to Christchurch. Traveling took care of Saturday and the International Date Line took care of Sunday, so Ryan and I arrive Monday the farthest south (approximately 43°32' S) we have ever been, in New Zealand on a new continent (Zealandia in Australasia). The Boeing 747-400 was empty enough to permit sleeping across seats, so we end up with enough energy to walk Christchurch Monday afternoon.