Remembering Elephants (2000-03-14)

Tembo in TarangireAfrica has been on my mind. Coincidentally, I just reviewed a book my business partner recently lent me; it had a few scenes on safari. I'm now beginning a book (Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight) a friend recently lent me; it's an African childhood.

I took the picture of the African Elephant--tembo to the East Africans who speak Swahili and Loxodonta africana to my Collins Guide to African Wildlife--while in a Land Rover in Tarangire National Park in Tanzania. The driver hired by Serengeti Select Safaris, Audex, said to the cow starting to cross the road, "Wait, Mama; let us pass." After the cow and her calves had crossed, we continued along the road. The "Mama," perhaps concerned about her young, trumpeted as we passed. As she was as large as the Land Rover, perhaps 3000 kg, and had tusks that curved forward, I had no wish to quarrel with her.