Having Lunch at Sacré Coeur (2006-10-10)

Basilique du Sacré CoeurI climbed Montmartre to have lunch in the sunshine in front of the Basilique du Sacré Coeur and to think. The city was hazy from the butte, but many people were enjoying the view and the harp music playing in the public space.

Commuting to Morning Workplace (2006-10-09)

Rue André AntoineTuesday through Thursday I plan to walk up Montmartre from Pigalle, from our homestay to the office of Jean Claude, where I'll borrow his Wi-Fi from 10:00 until 18:00 (+01) when he closes. Then I'll walk back down to Pigalle to Le Chao-Ba-Café for a Skype conference call with Seattle at 18:15+01 (09:15-08), and work until 20:30+01 when Madame serves dinner. (Mondays I plan to work at Le Chao-Ba-Café in the evening only; in the morning we'll be returning from our weekend--to Montpellier, Nantes, Chamonix, Berlin, Barcelona, Venice, and London, perhaps.)

Watching Tour Eiffel burn on Nuit Blanche (2006-10-08)

Tour Eiffel 'burned' on Nuit Blanche
On Nuit Blanche (October 7 in Paris, the week before in Brussels) perhaps one and a half million people took to the streets to view modern art in historic buildings. We met up with new American friends living in Chartres and saw several art installations: the Tour Eiffel with blinking lights; giant black orbs in Hôtel de Ville, accompanied by a band that featured a theremin; a giant glass bead necklace in a fountain in a building in Le Marais; and in a church in Le Marais a large table laid out like Paris, complete with candles in the shapes of buildings.


Working at Le Chao-Ba-Café (2006-10-07)

Le Chao-Ba-Café
My dad wrote "AH PARIS... Have you found your cafe?" It appears I have. I have my laptop, and with free wifi (connecting and asking the server for the "mot de passe") I also have email, chat (using trillian), and Internet telephony (using Skype). It's a remote office!

Walking down Champs-Élysées (2006-10-07)

Lamp, L'Obélisque, Tour Eiffel
It's difficult to pick just one photograph from a walk from Place de la Concorde down the Avenue du Champs-Élysées to the Arc de Triomphe, and beyond to Avenue de la Grande Armée, where La Grande Arche de La Défense is visible in the distance. Consequently I uploaded several to Flickr, and placed them on the map using the satellite image.


Trying Wi-Fi in Le Cafe les 2 Moulins (2006-10-06)

Near our homestay is Le Cafe les 2 Moulins featured in the movie Amelie. The springs pushing out of the seats made my leg numb. (The Wi-Fi interrupts every half-hour, and resumes five seconds after pressing a button on a Web page. This is better than other locations which require a new login every half hour!)