At SIFF Member Box Office (2006-05-13)

We exchanged our Early Bird vouchers (a Special Holiday Gift Pack, a Film Buff 20-Pack, two Secret Festival Memberships, and a Gala Pass) and some additional money for 13 vouchers and the following screenings:
What else shall I see? Ryan suggested the following films (roughly in order of decreasing preference):
There isn't time for all of these, of course. Separately, I considered the following films (roughly in order of decreasing preference):
How shall we use the remaining 13 vouchers? Please post a comment with the films you're considering!


Michele C said...

...and we have an almost perfect miss! "Piano Tuner" is the only one I have a ticket for at this point, the rest are pending coordination and negotiation with Wolf's list (Japanese, etc.). The ones with + are the most probable at this point.

May 26 - 4:00pm - Adam's Apples
May 26 - 7:00pm - Conversations with Other Women
May 27 - 6:30pm - Expiration Date
May 27 - 11:55pm - The District!
May 28 - 5:00pm - The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes +++
June 2 - 6:30pm - Shanghai Dreams
June 4 - 4:15pm - The West Wittering Affair +
June 4 - 7:30pm - Little Red Flowers +
June 10 - 1:30pm - Three Times +
June 10 - 4:15pm - The World According to Sesame Street +
June 13 - 9:30pm - We Go Way Back
June 15 - 4:30pm - In Bed +
June 15 - 7:00pm - Twisted Love + (And then, on that note, DANCING!)
June 18 - 1:15pm - You and Me

William said...

Thanks for the schedule, Michele! It's not a perfect miss, though--just "almost":

Did you consider the June 16 4 PM showing of Expiration Date?
Ryan recommended The District!
I was considering We Go Way Back.

I'll look at the other films you found. In any case we can discuss films afterward.

Caitlin Dundon said...

Hi William - Due to my One Heart schedule and SIFF box office work schedule I have limited time, but here are a few that seem to concide with my schedule (I do not get into secret fest or gala's and the word right now is I MIGHT get into opening night party but I'm not sure.

--05-28 21:15 A Summer Day

Russian Dolls May 28 looks good, but I suspect it may be sold out and I may not get in with my badge - I can try it I suppose!

Already saw Linda Linda Linda at Vancouver film festival, it's worth seeing, but I do recall a huge part was little boring and there is a bizarre dream sequence that didn't make sense to me. Song is catchy though.

I'm up for something Tuesday May 30th...anyone up for Dark Horse?or better yet Container?
Beyond Hatred -Sunday June 11th?Itineraries?
Time to Leave looks great but not sure I'll be around
Case of the Grinning Cat may 27 7pm?
Urban Scarecrow June 5 9:30 or 7 Virgins
A Conversation With Mark Mothersbaugh(looks interesting, but I'm not sure I'm available - I'm on two waiting lists for craft fairs taht same weekend...I know ...clsing weekend...
El Cine Gigante June 12 9:15 sounds good!
We Go Way Back June 13 9:30

Ryan said...

The Gold Rush with Charlie Chaplin looks fun. And the midnight screening of The District would be fine for me.

Alison Roberts said...

I'm glad you're seeing Expiration Date, we showed it on campus and it was really really cute.

Anonymous said...

Richard, depending on his condition, might be convinced to see Linda, Linda, Linda, because it's in Japanese.

As of now, his condition appears to be bettering expectations.