Buying tickets (2009-05-07/08)

William on Lamma Island Path
Furlough travel plans led me to once again purchase international flights leaving 2009-05-16 and returning 2009-07-01. Here's the itinerary:
  • New Zealand (Christchurch to Aukland) 2009-05-18/30
  • Indonesia (Denpasar, Bali) 2009-05-30/06-13
  • Thailand (Bangkok) 2009-06-13/23
  • Japan (Tokyo) 2009-06-23/07-01
A Circle Pacific ticket appears twice as expensive, so these are changeable (for a fee) and refundable flights, in case we want to go to China or return to the US.


Lance said...

Xiamen is an 8 hour bus ride, or a plane hope from HK. skype me and I'll give you a tour if you get a chance. Or perhaps meet-up in HK.

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Jessical Alba said...
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