Simplifying on Saturday (2007-10-06)

I set aside days to reduce, organize, and save time. I want less clutter, and less to move if we live abroad. Between the winter solstice and the following new moon is one of the quarterly periods of Discardia, so I picked the first Saturday of the month.

This was similar to the three Saturdays in 2007-04-28/05-12. In April and May Ryan and I did "spring cleaning": cleaned carpets, framed prints, organized books, replaced lights, washed cupboards, and recycled as usual. This also including giving away books, clothes, and household items. This October Saturday we recycled, and cleaned and organized bathroom drawers, discarding unneeded items. Then we started walking.

Our Northgate neighborhood has a walk score of 75-- not as high as Jim's neighborhood. Nevertheless we were able to walk instead of drive to our errands: getting coffee (in personal cups), giving away household items (baskets, mugs, sweaters) at Value Village, recycling a mobile phone at Best Buy, and getting Ryan to work.

At the end of An Inconvenient Truth is "So here's what you can do personally to solve the climate crisis." Under "Get around on less" is "Reduce the number of miles you drive by walking, biking, carpooling or taking mass transit wherever possible." Under "Consume less, conserve more" are "Recycle" and "Carry your own refillable bottle for water and other beverages." I'm pleased to think this Saturday was healthy for my body (by exercising), my mind (by reducing clutter), and the environment (by driving less and recycling).

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