Watching La Vida Homo (2007-05-27)

Sunday night at the Egyptian I introduced new friends to other friends with tickets and we all watched a series of short films. I'll list them in order of my enjoyment, from the film I enjoyed most to the one I enjoyed least:
  1. Cowboy Forever. I especially liked the scene in which their cowboy coworkers jokingly hold Jones down for a kiss from Govinda. Without requiring serious discussion they conveyed humorous awareness of the feelings involved.
  2. Heartland. For a suspenseful moment in this short film it's not clear if the main characters will fight or kiss.
  3. signage. There can be many reasons two people stay away from one another. This short shows the real reason isn't always the "obvious" one.
  4. Kali Ma. This was entertaining enough for a longer running time, even if the plot was improbable.
  5. Serene Hunter. Sometimes it's the pursuit that's fun.
  6. 41 Seconds. I liked the way this short film played with presentation on the screen.
  7. I Just Wanted to Be Somebody. The photo for this film never appeared onscreen. Neither did Anita Bryant. Instead, we saw sheep shearing and what appeared to be a baby factory. I suspect there was a mistake in the reels and we watched the wrong film.

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