Listening to Minor Majority (2006-10-18)

Readers of this blog may know my love of the Garden State soundtrack, especially Iron & Wine, and my desire to play folk rock guitar music like Norwegian band Kings of Convenience. Knowing this it would be no surprise that when I heard Norwegian band Minor Majority's "Wish You'd Hold That Smile" on Reasons to Hang Around I was immediately interested. I walked from the back of my morning workplace to have a conversation in rudimentary French. "Did the Internet disconnect? What do you want?" they asked me. "I want that music," I replied.
Hey, I wish you’d hold that smile
Help, if only for a while
I need to know about all the things you did and didn’t do
And just how hard you tried


CJAC said...

Is there any more to the song?
It sounds great!

CJAC said...

Sorry, didn't see the rest of the page.

William said...

Did you find the lyrics on the Minor Majority Web site? Their home page will also play clips from their songs.

Anonymous said...

I too like Minor Majority. I first heard then while driving around Trondheim, Norway this past summer. You might want to try the Dum Dum Boys they are really good as well!!!

: )