Watching The Tales of Hoffmann (2005-05-20)

Dinner was a disaster due to delays (which nearly led to standing outside McCaw Hall for Act I), but Seattle Opera's Les Contes D'Hoffmann was a good first opera for Ryan and first-opera-in-a-long-time for me. The storyline was straightforward, consisting mostly of three short stories of the poet Hoffmann's ill-fated love for a mechanical doll, a sick singer, and deceptive courtesan. Connecting these stories is the story of Hoffmann's relationship with his Stella and his disguised Muse.


Jason said...

Dancing, glow in the dark beer bottles as an introduction in an opera containing robots, doesn't get much better than that.

I enjoyed the evening quite a bit after we were in our seats at the opera, before that was a bit interesting. Although I enjoyed Ryan's piano performances and starting to cook the disasterous meal.

Tiffany said...

At least the stuffed mushrooms were good. Next time, Jason and I will bring our own ingredients. :-)

William said...

I'm glad Ryan's piano performance was good. Perhaps we could host a performance party (maybe in late August).