Not Watching Episode III (2005-05-20)

GoTech has again generously invited us to a free movie; this time it's Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith Friday at 3:15 PM at the Cinerama. Unfortunately, this again conflicts with previous plans; this time it's with cooking dinner for six at 4:30 PM in our apartment. After dinner, Jason and Tiffany, Richard and Roshelle, and Ryan and I will see The Tales of Hoffmann at the Seattle Opera McCaw Hall.

The Episode III trailers look good. Hayden Christensen even looks like Mark Hamill did. We'll probably see it another day.


Jim said...

Allan forgot to mention that Jim and Allan are going. Yes. Jim and Allan. They will be going to see Star Wars.

... Jim and Allan

William said...

I think j means "William forgot to mention...." It's William's 'blog, after all. Enjoy the show!

William said...

maikimo.net has a progressive Christian comment on the relationship between current politics and Episode III.