Reading A Year of Adventures (2007-06-13/07-04)

I feel wanderlust and want adventure. Needing some plan, I purchased 25: Wildlife Adventures and A Year of Adventures: Lonely Planet's Guide to Where, What And When to Do It. The second book has sections for four weeks per month; each quarter also has a section of sevens--seven continents, seven summits, seven natural wonders, seven heavenly objects--for the "missing week."

If, for example, you have time off in December or January, you can turn to those months in the book. In each weekly section are several activities appropriate to that time of the year. Under each activity title is country, type of activity, fitness or expertise level,
an explanation as to why that week is the best time, and a description. The following are examples (in late December and early January) of warm activities not requiring expertise:
I found the entire book entertaining reading and read it straight through despite the arrangement. Many activities have seasons that span more than one month.

There's also a Web site with a search of G.A.P. adventures. For example, I searched for the following 15- to 20-day adventures between December 14 and January 8:
The question that accompanies "Where should William go?" is consequently, "What should William do?"

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J. P. Erickson said...

I still stand by my earlier comment on Eastern Canada (some previous post), but another activity I might be interested in is Lake Baikal. I've always been fascinated by it, but I am even more so after reading this article in the New York Times: http://travel.nytimes.com/2007/07/08/travel/08explorer.html?8dpc.

Australia/New Zealand would also be pretty amazing, albeit more expensive (I imagine).

J. P. Erickson said...

I suppose I should use HTML:

Lake Baikal