Receiving New T-Mobile MDA® (2007-06-27)

T-Mobile MDA®
T-Mobile shipped me via UPS a new MDA because within the one-year manufacturer warranty period the one I purchased began flickering and failing to find the network. I took pictures of the old MDA to show there were no cracks or water damage and sent it back.

I probably would have procrastinated the return even longer if it didn't irritate friends and significant others that they couldn't call me. I regularly use Skype from anywhere. In fact, I noticed a lot of redundancy among the mobile devices I've mentioned: Canon PowerShot SD600 Digital ELPH, Dell D820, and iPod nano. Out of curiosity, I took an inventory of the activities I can do with each device, and (except for the ELPH) the feature or software available for that activity.

[Updated to link to Google Docs & Spreadsheets instead of embedding table.]

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Anonymous said...

Your overlap is for the most part not an apples to apples comparison.

Especially when you get down to the multimedia things. Can your phone really take pictures worth anything...really? Can your phone play a dvd video, or a youtube video like your computer. Or can it just play little 30s clips?