Considering Essential Art House: 50 Years of Janus Films (2007-03-01/04-22)


What films shall I watch? In January I placed my online "Early Bird" order for Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) 2007, but that doesn't start until May 24. In the meantime, March 1 through April 22, there is a series of art house films acquired by Janus Films.

I'd like to see some good films by famous directors. At least one film by Bergman, Fellini, Kurosawa, and Truffaut might be good. Below are my top picks for each (with links to the films showing for each director, and to the Internet Movie Database description of the films):
I'm asking film buffs for recommendations so I can schedule. Which films shall I see?


If you would like to join me, the films show at the Nesholm Family Lecture Hall at Marion Oliver McCaw Hall, Seattle Center. (This hall was funded by Seattle in November, started in December, and completed in January.) There is a discount for SIFF members and students. For my top picks, below are the times that look good to me (with links to the schedule):


William said...

Pete says, "Actually Fanny and Alexander is suppose to be good. Oscar wins etc. It's playing March 24th and 25th."

J. P. Erickson said...

Let's see [at least] the Bergman films together. Unfortunately I will not be in town for Wild Strawberries. I'm also interested in Rashomon, Walkabout (both of which I've seen) and The Seven Samurai (one I have not seen).

J. P. Erickson said...

I changed my mind. You probably would like La Strada. Go see it!

Ryan Nolan Kolomona said...

I commented in an email about Friday's screening of "The Seventh Seal." We could watch that one, if you like. Caitlin said she would be up for it too.

Ryan Nolan Kolomona said...
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