In Versailles (2006-11-08)

Back of Château de Versailles
Back of Grand Trianon
Petit hameau
A friend asked, "If you had three days in Paris and its environs, and had never been there before, what would you go see?" I recommended the places pictured in the photographs quite close to Paris on the map of my geotagged photos--in Paris and Chartres. (I excepted ones idiosyncratic to my visit like M. Berger's salon where I lived or Le Chao-Ba-Café where I worked remotely.) However, since my European travelogue then ended with October 23, 2006, at Château d'Amboise, I wrote that I'd recommend a Paris location from second half of my visit there. My recommendation is Versailles, so I've uploaded these to my Flickr photos. In Versailles we saw these places:
  • Château de Versailles (although La Galerie des Glaces was under renovation),
  • Château de Versailles park and garden (although the Fountain of Apollo had construction around it),
  • Grand Trianon,
  • Petit Trianon, and
  • Petit hameau.

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