At Ancient Grounds (2007-01-24)

If you want art, atmosphere, coffee, WiFi, or wine while you wait for your transfer bus, then I recommend a small shop called Ancient Grounds, 1220 First Ave. The walls have Japanese, Native American, and other art. The sound of running water emanates from fountains.

I found Ancient Grounds by looking on Plazes map for a coffee shop in Seattle near the buses on 1st Avenue and Columbia (four blocks away). I wanted a place to meet a friend today along his bus route from the University District to West Seattle. I enjoyed the atmosphere (and my soy hot chocolate with mint).

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William said...

On my second visit the man at the counter (who I assume is the owner) was happy to make vin chaud for us, though he'd never heard of it. On my third visit he asked me to arrange my belonging to take two rather than four of the 22 empty seats. On both occasions, as several other customers came, the conversation suggested many of the clientele are regulars.