Watching Mysterious Skin (2005-06-02)

Not watching television--or even having one in the house for many years--means I missed "3rd Rock from the Sun" and wasn't familiar with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. His portrayal of Neil in Mysterious Skin is amazing. He fills the role with talent and energy. Gregg Araki tastefully directs a film with uncomfortable scenes and disturbing subjects without giving simple resolution. The film is a dream/nightmare in a Kansas town that is rewarding viewing for those that can tolerate the disturbing scenes.

(Minor spoilersfollow.) The male characters carry the complexity of sexual development. Neil identified his preference for men prior to his illegal experiences with his coach, and recalls the events as a love affair--not connecting it with his current self-destructive lifestyle. Brian appears asexual, for reasons he can't remember and the audience guesses. The coach disappears mysteriously after his crime. The female characters are less clear and sometimes caricatures.

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William said...

SIFF announced award winners. Mysterious Skin gave Gregg Araki the Golden Space Needle Award for Best Director, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt the Golden Space Needle Award for Best Actor.