Watching Inlaws & Outlaws (2005-05-31)

Production problems, some perhaps due to a format translation, marred my viewing of Inlaws & Outlaws. It was tolerable as long as I watched the eyes of those interviewed, and not the out-of-synchronization lips. The most moving stories were those of long-time partners, particularly one had been together 50 years. The love each had for their partner was clear in the interviews.

Oh, no! I'm seven film reviews behind. I'll try to write shorter reviews.

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Caroline Colon said...

I saw this as well and really liked it. I saw it at the Broadway Performance Hall and it did look awful there, I think the director said it was indeed due to the format transfer.

I still cried several times....

It is showing again on July 7th at 7 PM as a fundraiser at the Cinerama if you know anyone that missed it and wanted to see it.