At Secret Festival #1 (2005-05-22)

At the first Secret Festival I stood at the head of the line with friends of Steven and Dan, and discussed what Peter Sarsgaard had said about The Dying Gaul. Then we watched...

...a movie I'm not going to name. Below is the text from the back of my Secret Festival pass:

I, the undersigned, do hereby solemnly swear that I will never divulge the titles or discuss any of the films screened at the 2005 SIFF Secret Festival. Furthermore, I agree that I will not commit to print, broadcast on radio / television, on-line service or any other media form information regarding any of the 2005 Secret Festival screenings. I understand that the Seattle International Film Festival can and will pursue legal action against me in order to recover punitive and financial damages caused by my breach of this contract. I understand that no recording device of any kind is allowed into festival venues and that I may be subject to physical search of my person or personal property upon entrace to festival venues.
Below that is my signature. I would give the movie a 2 out of 5.

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William said...

At SIFFblog is a post which has, in the midst of its own name-dropping ramblings about SIFF parties, a post that gives a few details about Secret Festival #1.